German press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer is working with fellow European partners.

In cooperation with Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC – EAE), Koenig & Bauer will be offering retrofits and technical service for presses with EAE controls or QI Optical measurement and control systems.

“Our customers want one point of contact for all their needs. And we can now offer them this possibility. We have always enjoyed a very trustful relationship when working with QIPC-EAE in the past, and so this sales cooperation is the logical next step,” says Thomas Potzkai, head of service at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed.

The cooperation will initially cover Koenig & Bauer customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “It is a win-win situation for everyone involved,” says Menno Jansen, chairman of QIPC-EAE. “We are delighted that our cooperation with Koenig & Bauer has now become even closer.”

The intention is to add further regions and printing presses from other manufacturers to the portfolio in the future.

Koenig & Bauer established a partnership with S.E.M. Servicegesellschaft two years ago.

In April 2014 Q.I. Press Controls acquired the business and assets of EAE. Q.I. Press Controls is headquartered in the Netherlands, while EAE’s head office is in Germany.

Earnings report, new CEO

• Koenig & Bauer put out its earnings report for the third quarter on Nov. 11. In Q3, order intake was down 13.8%, it said. In the first three quarters of 2020, new orders were below the previous year’s figure by 15.4%, although this was better than the general sector figures for printing presses published by industry association VDMA, which dropped by 26.8% in the same period, said the report.

• Koenig & Bauer (US/CA) announced that Kilian Renschler, its current executive vice president of sales, has been named the new CEO and president. After 11 years at the helm of Koenig & Bauer (US/CA), Mark Hischar will be officially retiring as of Dec. 31.  

• Koenig & Bauer Durst has unveiled updates for its Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic corrugated production press that provides industrial solutions for run lengths from one to millions. New water-based orange and violet inks have been launched to ensure food safety compliance for primary packaging and extend the color gamut, says the company. Koenig & Bauer Durst has also announced new automation features for the Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic that will ensure high productivity and can be integrated into existing customer workflows, according to the company.