BERLIN – The WAN-IFRA Expo in Berlin marked the first public unveiling of the combined Newscycle Solutions and Infomaker organizations. Newscycle acquired Infomaker in July, making the Infomaker Open Content platform the cornerstone of the company’s next-generation content management strategy.

“We were pleased and impressed with the positive reception the Infomaker platform received from WAN-IFRA DCX attendees,” said Peter Marsh, Newscycle’s vice president of Marketing. “We aimed to show decision-makers in newsrooms and digital operations how easy the Infomaker system is to install and use. The platform is extensible, which means that publishers can quickly add their own modules and third-party applications into an integrated newsroom environment.”

Based in Kalmar, Sweden, the Infomaker team forms the Content Lab within the larger Newscycle global organization. Seven of the largest media houses in the Nordic countries use Infomaker’s digital tools for content creation, planning and production. In addition, over 90 percent of the news media companies in Sweden are Infomaker customers.

Under Newscycle, with headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, the Infomaker team will continue to focus on digital-first content management, delivering to the market solutions for digital presentation, decoupled content storage and delivery, and create-once-publish-anywhere workflows.


Feedback “We were compelled by much of the feedback we received from newsroom executives who have implemented the Infomaker suite,” said Marsh. “One news editor from Sweden told us, ‘The first question from reporters used to revolve around formatting issues: How would their material be published in the print version; what was the word-count limit; and what was the plan when it came to photos? They don’t pose these types of questions anymore. Instead, they focus on the journalistic content right away.’”

Over the coming months, Newscycle plans to deliver even closer integration between the Infomaker system and Newscycle’s advertising and subscription platforms. “To steal an ice hockey metaphor, we are always trying to skate to where the puck is heading,” said Marsh. “As news media companies around the world continue to rely on audience revenues as the key to future digital growth, we want to invest in technologies that deepen subscriber engagement, provide better analytics, and create new monetization opportunities via personalized advertising and targeted subscription models.”

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