Newsday has a new, state-of-the-art TV studio. The Long Islandbased newspaper unveiled the studio during live election night coverage.

The studio has 2,169 square feet of production space, four fully robotic 4K studio cameras and a 24’ x 10’ cyclorama green screen.

Judging from a video the paper produced on the studio, Newsday seems excited about the new space.

“There’s been a ton of chatter equating newspapers with Jurassic creatures lurching around on their last legs,” wrote Newsday owner Patrick Dolan in a post on the paper’s website in September. “The reality is far different. Though Newsday's roots are in a product made from ink and trees, more people than ever are experiencing Newsday's world-class journalism in many different ways on many platforms.

“We’ve invested heavily in modernizing our facility from wall to wall, including all the high tech infrastructure we need to push fresh, exciting content out on any platform,” he wrote. “Streaming video, social media, a smart TV app — all are ways to get even more enjoyment from a subscription to Newsday.”