Olive Software, an e-publishing company based in Aurora, Colorado, went live with its Olive Cross Media app in January 2018. The app is built for use on tablets and mobile devices. OCM advertises as a program that is able to bundle all content information in a single application.


The new app "has been designed from the ground to bridge the gaps between print, web and social worlds and support a unified mobile-first publishing strategyby providing an integrated and easy-to-deploy solution for delivering all of the publishers internal and external content with a single, easy-to-use mobile app," said Yoni Stern, founder and president, Technology, Olive Software. With the app, "the publisher can define and publish unlimited 'content channels,' each serving specific user needs. For example, web and breaking news for immediate updates, ePaper for in-depth, print-like reading experiences, video channel and photo galleries, social content such as the publishers' Facebook and Twitter pages, dynamic sports scores and financial data, interactive games and crosswords and even archived editions for timely historical perspectives on this day in history," Stern said.


"The OCM app can be configured to support all types of content feeds including CMS, video, photo galleries, audio/podcast, data/stats and many more. OCM also includes features such as push notifications, social sharing capabilities, foreign language translation, and mechanisms allowing audiences to 'preview' content in a meter-like experience that would otherwise be behind a paywall. This is intended to provide publishers, when combined with Olive's OLIVPay advanced paywall technology, to convert anonymous readers into registered users and ultimately paid subscribers," said Drew Bartlett, Olive Software.


Cross-media applications have been around for a while, but OCM is unique because it acts as a bridge to non-mobile content beyond the app itself, according to the company. OCM connects readers with as many content areas as possible, as opposed to stopping with just mobile applications. With this feature, publications can reach audiences they wouldn't normally touch.


"Olive's OCM is a front-end content delivery solution and not a back-end content production solution. It requires no changes in the publisher's existing back-end production environment and workflow, but only a simple implementation of our smart CMS interfaces," said Stern. Stern says the app is cost-effective.

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