Pagesuite’s new edition app, launched in January 2019, is designed to increase subscriptions and revenue by allowing publications to repurpose their own content.

“It’s a fully-automated app solution that gives publishers the control and power to curate multiple ‘editions’ per day, launch new brands or create extra content for their readers. We believe that this new solution will provide publishers with the biggest opportunity to drive new subscription revenue in 2019,” said Lucy Tozer, SVP Marketing, PageSuite.

“It works by taking XML or JSON content feeds from a website or extracted from a PDF and enables publishers to re-purpose the content into a curated, optimized ‘edition’ which can be viewed across mobile and tablet or desktop via our PWA (progressive web app). Publishers are able to launch multiple editions per day and as the solution is fully automated it requires minimum resource,” Tozer said. “However, publishers will also have the option to craft individual editions or make changes to live editions if they want more control. The publisher is able to determine the design and flow of the app, manage schedules and content within PageSuite’s Edition Portal,” said Tozer. For users who are already using the Replica product by PageSuite, Edition can be integrated into the existing application. PageSuite claims that the Edition solution not only offers users the opportunity to gain new subscribers, but also the ability to add value to the content they are already creating.

Tozer said the app:

•Can sit alongside the Replica to offer readers an alternative way of viewing content

•Can be used to launch additional afternoon or evening editions and sit alongside the daily Replica

•Can be used to launch new brands. For example, by taking selected sports content feeds, you can launch a weekend special sport edition or niche food or restaurant guides.

Tozer said PageSuite is currently working with some notable launch partners. They are expecting to have their first live app in stores within the next couple months

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