Publishers Circulation Fulfillment has begun “to the door,” final mile service for magazine and catalog delivery network Doorfront Direct. Deliveries started in May in the Boston area and will spread across PCF’s New England, New York and New Jersey footprint over a four-month deployment, with monthly volume estimated to reach over 500,000, according to PCF.

“We are excited to launch with the PCF team,” said Randall Brant, executive director of Doorfront Direct. “From New Jersey up through New England, PCF has the most extensive delivery operation in the country.”

Doorfront Direct now serves 35 markets, according to PCF, providing magazine publishers and catalog merchants with a delivery alternative. Customers receive their magazines and catalogs in individually addressed packages, delivered to their door by the area’s newspaper carrier team.

“PCF welcomes the opportunity for growth with Doorfront Direct and we expect the added volume and revenue to support our carrier retention efforts, as well as our bottom line,” said Kevin Daly, chief operating officer for PCF.

“We also view the ‘to the door’ aspect of Doorfront Direct deliveries as a natural evolution of our core newspaper delivery process and one that supports our movement into the parcel delivery arena.”

Doorfront Direct is a partnership of Gannett Publishing Services, based in McLean, Virginia; Quad, headquartered in Sussex, Wisconsin; and ACI Last Mile Network, based in Long Beach, California.

PCF is a provider of final mile distribution services to the print media and parcel industries.

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