Herold Druck inVienna and Mayer & Sohne Druck- und Mediengruppe in Aichach, Germany, are both live with MainPads to manage press maintenance operations.

MainPad tablets work with software from manroland Goss web systems and are designed to help technicians troubleshoot problems to reduce downtime and streamline press equipment repairs.

MainPad bundles pertinent information on press diagnostics and maintenance. Required documentation, maintenance, and repair instructions can be called up using QR codes affixed to electrical cabinets. This makes it easier and faster to identify and order replacement components, according to MGWS.

“The new MainPad enables me to support the team in the pressroom comfortably from my home when it comes to a malfunction during night production,” Ulrich Muller, head of technology at Herold Druck, said in a statement. “I can immediately have an overview of the current situation on the printing press.”

If an issue cannot be fixed in-house, MainPad facilitates communication for remote support from the TeleSupportCenter using images and video.

MainPad also integrates with existing customer software to further streamline operations, according to MGWS. Its functions are scalable so that they can be customized based on a particular pressroom’s needs. Continuous software updates provide the latest functionality and support, according to MGWS.

“We have installed parallel in-house software on the MainPad hardware, which we were already using for spare parts administration,” Muller said. “MainPad has become the central maintenance application for the entire printing house.”

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