The Siebold Company (TSC) is now the authorized agency of QIPC-EAE in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada.The Dutch specialist for color control and registration equipment for the printing industry praised the technical knowledge of its new partner in a news release.TSC in turn is full of praise for QIPC's register control systems and EAE's press control systems.

Since 1989, TSC has completed more than 5,000 installation projects throughout North America, according to the release. The company specializes in newspaper and commercial printing and the materials processing industry. QIPC-EAE is the result of the acquisition of EAE by Q.I. Press Controls in 2014.

The partnership will give QIPC-EAE the opportunity to expand its customer base, the release says.

Lion Web

Another TSC headline involves the company’s acquisition of web offset printing press parts supplier Lion Web Components. The purchase is aligned with TSC’s parts expansion strategy to serve their global base of Goss and DGM parts customers, the company said. “Following our three recent acquisitions, DR Press Equipment, Dauphin Graphic Machines (DGM) and Smith Pressroom Products, acquiring Lion Web further strengthens our customer support for our Goss and DGM press customers,” said Christopher Miles, TSC’s vice president of corporate development.

Lion Web is based in Illinois. All parts will be inventoried at TSC’s Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, facility, according to TSC.

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