With the growing traction of sites like Red-fin and Zillow, newspaper publishers have been forced to think outside the box when it comes to driving traffic to real estate listings. While smaller newspapers can scarcely compete with sites like these, larger publishers are still jostling for position as the go-to real estate resources in their communities. Thankfully, newspaper software vendors are answering the call to help newspapers compete.

The San Francisco Chronicle is among the publishers vying to remain competitive in the real estate space.The publisher went live with a new real estate platform this spring on its SFGate.com portal, which the vendor of the app said has helped the publisher double traffic to its listings.

The Enclosure.io solution from Advanced Interactive Media LLC is cloud-based and built on the Transparensee Discovery Search Engine, which harnesses geography, relevancy, and user-based customizations.

With the platform, the new SF-Gate.com Real Estate site offers a responsive user experience regardless of a desktop or mobile device’s screen size or operating system.

Enclosure.io provides a fast, visual mapping and data-rich search experience, AIM said, to boost traffic and audience engagement for publishers and the agents, brokers and builders they work with.

“Their innovative product approach provides engaging functionality to home and rental searching,” the Chronicle’s Senior Vice President of Advertising Ginger Neal said in a statement. “The content integration and feature presentation better serves local agents and brokers trying to reach and engage with our audience and provides the competitive set and utility to compete as a true real estate vertical.”

Enclosure.io offers a plug-and-play option for local media companies to implement real estate listings. The platform helps publishers strategize, design and deploy real estate listings.The design, functionality, layout, color scheme, and other features on the page can be arranged to meet a publisher’s preferences and specifications.

Publisher data is integrated with the Enclosure platform and engineers provide support to implement changes as required by the newspaper’s site or the platform itself.

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