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N&T: What are “the Innovators” doing differently to lead/coach baby boomers and millennials alike?

The Times is committed to fostering a diverse staff and inclusive workplace for everyone — baby boomers and millennials alike. Our best-in-class global mentorship program facilitates cross generational coaching by matching employees to mentors and mentees of different departments, backgrounds, and age groups. The relationships built between mentors and mentees often continue past the formal culmination of the program, with both mentors and mentees saying that they have learned from each other.Additionally, a segment of The Times' Leadership Training focuses specifically on managing different work styles of teams that contain Baby boomers, millennials, and employees from Gen x and Gen z.

N&T: How are you employing today’s formal coaching methodologies to empower your team?

Employees at The Times are provided with a variety of coaching options. Our Talent & Inclusion (Human Resources) department offers private sessions twice a week dedicated to career advice and coaching via the Talent Open Door program. The sessions are run by our Talent & Inclusion partners and sometimes feature external career coaches and Times executives. The Times also trains managers on tools to coach their teams effectively in our Leadership Training program. Additionally, we collaborate with a variety of external vendors to provide customized one-on-one coaching to high potential employees.

N&T: What has been your most effective cost savings solution (workforce excluded)?

Over the past several years our continued focus on optimizing our national print site footprint and our transportation and distribution logistics has resulted in sizable savings. With 27 national print sites, over 350 home delivery markets and well over 800 transportations and distribution vendors, we are continually working with our partners to drive efficiencies and improve service. That said, all decisions made are viewed through the lens of our subscribers and the service levels that they expect and deserve.

N&T: The industry as a whole is involved in a daily battle, from aging equipment to revenue challenges. How could ING 2019 benefit folks in the industry?

The industry is clearly facing strong headwinds and the challenges are many. ING is one of the last operations-focused newspaper conferences that still remains. I have been attending the ING conference for close to 30 years and I have been on the ING board for more than 20 years. I know that over those years I have come away with some great ideas and invaluable contacts that we have been able to leverage in our operation. ING is also a great networking event where attendees have the opportunity to meet and interact with senior industry leaders from both the newspaper and vendor side.This year we will once again have a truly compelling agenda with great keynote speakers and topically pertinent presentations from our expert speakers and panelists. I am confident that there will be plenty of takeaways from this year’s conference that will more than justify attending.

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