columbus dispatch using adinfinitum

Software developer Presteligence has a new service agreement with The Columbus Dispatch for Adinfinitum, a hosted electronic tearsheet and invoice delivery system. Owned by GateHouse Media, The Dispatch will move from Shoom to Presteligence for their advertising service portal and will use the system for their invoice delivery as well.

Advertising clients of The Dispatch and its weekly papers will receive email notifications the same day their ads are published in the newspaper and when their monthly invoices are available. Clients can pay their bill through the platform.

The Dispatch will launch this service with clients in August. Other GateHouse Media markets in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Alabama also use Adinfinitum for their e-tearsheet and invoice delivery.

Ohio-based Presteligence serves more than 700 publications, the company says.

Printer on la Reunion installs KBa press

ICP-Roto Industrie Graphique, a commercial and newspaper printing house on the French island of La Reunion, has installed a new Cortina from Koenig & Bauer.

The Cortina has an automatic reelstand, an ultra-compact printing tower, an efficient hot-air dryer system, a flexible superstructure and two semi-commercial jaw folders. This press line incorporates numerous automation modules such as the Patras A reel-loading system, automatic plate and circumference change, CleanTronic washing systems and RollerTronic roller locks, as well as color and cut-off register controls. “The Cortina is definitely much easier to operate than conventional offset presses,” says technical director Philippe Van Damme.

“The new Cortina is the centerpiece of our printing house. Our whole team is incredibly proud of the new press,” says owner Alfred Chane-Pane.

The installation of the press line on the Indian Ocean island also confirms the importance the company’s management attaches to ecological concerns in an area where tourism dominates, according to a Koenig & Bauer release.

HT Media of india retrofits colorman press

HT Media of India has equipped an obsolete interbus loop with a modern system.

A 12-year-old Colorman press at HT Media in New Delhi got a necessary investment in contemporary technology to ensure up to 10 more years of solid production, according to a press release from manroland.

“Retrofits of the controls and operating elements are particularly popular currently among users of manroland web systems’ newspaper presses; this also applies to our long-term partners in India,” said Daniel Popp, service manager for India at manroland web systems.

Spare parts left over will be stored for usage on other printing presses in the plant.

HT Media produces the Hindustan Times, one of the biggest English-language daily newspapers in India.

The retrofit was completed within two weeks and without interfering with nightly production.

Tecnavia launching new digital ad network

Tecnavia is launching the Tecnavia Ad Network (TAN), a new service for Tecnavia clients.

TAN provides publishers with select digital ads for placement in their Tecnavia print replica e-editions and 2-in-One Total Media Apps, the company says. TAN is an opportunity for publishers to generate ad revenue without adding additional ad sales or marketing resources by taking advantage of ad impressions already available, according to the company.

“TAN supplies curated, quality national and regional display advertisements to run in the various digital ad positions available in Tecnavia’s eEdition and Total Media Apps,” said Diane Amato, vice president of sales at Tecnavia. “Publishers may combine locally sold ads with TAN ads for flexibility and maximize impressions.”

Rates paid to publishers from TAN are “more than competitive,” according to the company. Tecnavia has a client base of some 2,000 publications. TAN is running now as a pilot.

Newsquest implements easybuild 2

Newsquest Media Group, a Gannett company and one of the largest regional media companies in the U.K., has implemented EasyBuild 2 for the automated production of some of their digital advertising materials on Newsquest’s regional sites, Miles 33 and Wave 2 announced.

EasyBuild is set up as a centralized web service, providing each of the Newsquest websites the ability to automate ad production. The EasyBuild application provides a WYSIWYG User Interface that lets Newsquest staff interact with the service dynamically.

Wave 2 is part of the Miles 33 Group, a U.K.-based global provider of publishing solutions for media companies.

Newspapers of New england taps Tsc for web offset press system

As part of a long-term investment and restructuring plan, the Valley News and Concord Monitor purchased a complete web offset press system from The Siebold Company, who will also install the press in Concord, New Hampshire.

The reconditioned TSC supplied press is designed to accommodate the Concord Monitor and Valley News’s publications along with their growing commercial printing business.

The Valley News will move its newspaper printing to Concord as part of the change, and all Valley News press and distribution staff have been offered jobs at the new facility, according to a press

release from Florida-based Siebold.

The 22-unit web offset press is a highly automated Goss Urbanite/DGM 850 system fitted with advanced imaging, remote inking, color registration and material handling capabilities.

Concord, New Hampshire-based Newspapers of New England owns the papers.

Guatemala’s Prensa libre gets help from QiPc

Guatemala’s Prensa Libre will soon be printed with the aid of Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC), QIPC announced.

It is the first time that the Guatemala-based printing concern has entered into a partnership with QIPC, the Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry. Print2-Finish agent Juan Echavarria was responsible for bringing the two companies together.

Prensa Libre’s project consists of two used manroland UNISET towers that were bought in 2015 and 2017. Both towers are being equipped with two mRC-3D cameras for color register. In addition, the two folders and the sheeter are to be fitted with mRC-3D cut-off control.

The seven cameras being installed in Guatemala City are all fitted with Automatic Ink Mist Shields (AIMS) for automatic cleaning of the lenses.

“The expectation is that this will bring about savings in time as well as waste,” says Luis Nunez, deputy director of commercial affairs at Prensa Libre.

Gannett partners with Presteligence

Gannett Imaging and Design Center will use My News 360 CMS, Adobe InDesign integration tools, and STATUS to design pages for commercial clients beginning in July, software developer Presteligence announced.

GIADC’s clients will write and post content in the My News 360 CMS. Presteligence’s cloud-based CMS allows users to access the system from any device with a web browser to write stories, upload photos and upload ads. This content is made available as an RSS feed for their clients’ websites or other third parties.

Once stories are edited, content becomes available for the designers to place on pages using Adobe InDesign integration tools.

Through STATUS, a cloud-based page tracking portal, internal and external users can see a status of overall page production.

GIADC will have the opportunity to upsell components of My News 360 to clients.

QiPc, Belgium’s coldset Printing grow collaboration

Q.I. Press Controls and Belgian company Coldset Printing Partners are deepening their collaboration, which has been in place since 2009. Coldset Printing Partners is modernizing its printing plant in Paal-Beringen and QIPC has a big role to play in automating its existing and its newly acquired presses.

The Belgium-based company is responsible for printing Flemish dailies such as De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg and the Gazet van Antwerpen, as well as Dutch newspapers, such as De Telegraaf and De Limburger.

Coldset Printing Partners’ most recent order with the Netherlands-based QIPC is for a mRC-3D system for register and cut-off control on the new KBA Cortina press.

Coldset Printing Partners “were one of the first businesses to invest in automatic color registration,” said Erwin van Rossem, head of sales at QIPC. “Having had a chance to put the new technology successfully through its paces, they were bold enough to make further investments.”

In addition to two new KBA Cortina presses, all machines currently operating in the plant are to be modernized in partnership with QIPC.

“At the moment, we have three printing plants in Amsterdam, Paal-Beringen and Groot Bijgaarden,” said managing director Paul Huybrechts. “The latter is due to close at some point, which means the focus will be even more on Paal-Beringen.”

sun chemical to raise prices on energy curable inks

Sun Chemical will increase the prices of all ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) inks in Europe by 4 to 6 percent, effective July 1, the company announced.

Governmental initiatives and regulations geared toward environmental protection have caused many suppliers of photoinitiators to either cease or reduce production for limited periods of time, the company says. Also, Sun says, as outlined by the European Printing Ink Association, photoinitiator supply has also been impacted by major incidents, including a factory fire, unforeseeable events, low stocks, unplanned maintenance and production outages. Along with photoinitiators, increases in key oligomers and monomers have impacted pricing for all energy cure systems.

“While Sun Chemical is working hard to safeguard supply and mitigate the shortage of photoinitiators by qualifying new grades and developing new sources, the high levels of raw material costs are unprecedented and have been passed on to ink manufacturers,” said Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer, Sun Chemical. “It has been difficult to offset the rising raw material costs on our energy curable inks and unfortunately this has forced us to pass some of these costs on to our customers.”

Sun Chemical is a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Group Cooperatief of the Netherlands, and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Google scraps limit on vendor list

Google is going back on its policy in its consent management platform that let publishers list no more than 12 vendors in opt-in messages, AdExchanger reports. The platform now sets no limit to the number of vendors.

The move from Google comes after a negative response from publishers and the ad tech industry.

Google’s consent management platform, Funding Choices, is in the testing phase.

Funding Choices detects if a user uses ad blockers and gives users the choice to pay to see content if they don’t want to be exposed to advertising.

The tool gives users a yes-no option for consent when they go to a site. Now, along with the yes-no option, opt-in notices will let users click through to specific vendor policy pages.

“The change being made now is in line with our priority of this being a flexible framework for publishers,” said Vegard Johnsen, Google product manager for GDPR and sustainable advertising.

“What we’ve heard from publishers is they like to have more of a dialogue with readers,” Johnsen said.

Ppi Media provides hotline to German publisher

Ppi Media is providing new service to the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag (known as sh:z) and is undertaking production control tasks for the publishing house, ppi Media says.

The publisher, which has the highest circulation in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, has access to a new hotline that offers expert knowledge in production control and is available outside core working hours, ppi Media says.

Initially launched as a pilot project, the service offered by ppi Media has become an integral part of the day-to-day work at the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag. Ppi Media employees are making changes as requested by the sh:z newsroom to the page planning of the newspapers to be produced in ppi’s planning solution PlanPag, which has been used at the sh:z for many years. The system provides reliable planning changes at short notice, even outside the core working hours of the publisher’s internal production control, ppi Media says.

“We decided to use the new service offered by ppi Media after a successful test phase,” said Torsten Lops, head of Production at the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag. “Thanks to our long-term cooperation, ppi Media was also very familiar with the production workflows at the sh:z,” he said.

Manroland web systems sells presses in ethiopia

Together with sales and service partner VIP Systems, manroland web systems has orders for three new presses for Ethiopia: one Rotoman HiPrint commercial press and two Cromoman systems. The two Cromoman will print school books, while the Rotoman will print magazines, inserts and other standard commercial products.

Manroland web systems is based in Augsburg, Germany.

Kodak raises plate prices

Kodak is increasing the price of Kodak offset printing plates globally. Plate prices will increase up to 9 percent, the company announced.

The price of aluminum, the primary raw material used to manufacture printing plates, has increased dramatically in recent months, Kodak says in a press release on the increase. "With aluminum prices now reaching multi-year highs, it has become necessary to institute a plates price increase," said John O'Grady, president of Kodak's Print Systems Division. "While Kodak has worked diligently to reduce its own costs to lessen the impact of aluminum, the delta has become too great for us to bear, while maintaining our brand promise as a supplier of quality plates to the industry," he said.

"Looking to the future, we are exploring different business models to reduce the effect of aluminum volatility on our customers," O'Grady said. "There are also measures that our customers can take to offset the increase in plate prices. Printers benefit from higher aluminum prices when they recycle their used plates, and many customers are saving additional money by switching to KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates to eliminate the costs of plate processing, including chemistry, water, and electricity costs."

Details of the new pricing structure will be communicated to customers and dealers across the world in the coming weeks, the company said.

italian printer opts for manroland web systems press

Rotolito S.p.A., one of Italy's biggest printers, has invested in a new 48-page Lithoman for its printing facility in Milan.

The press will be integrated in a wide range of manroland web systems printing presses. After the successful installation, there will be four high-volume commercial presslines at the facility in Milan.

The new 48-page long-grain Lithoman has been the third new investment for web offset printing within the last five years (1x 80-page Lithoman IV, 2x 48-page- Lithoman IV).

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