Kodak and PerfectPattern ink deal

Kodak and PerfectPattern, a specialist in artificial intelligence solutions for manufacturing industries, have a new agreement by which Kodak will take a license for the source code of PerfectPattern’s sPrint One software.

This will allow Kodak to further develop the version of sPrint One used in the Kodak Prinergy On Demand Workflow. 

The latest agreement extends the partnership that began between the two companies four years ago with an official announcement at drupa 2016. 

“This step will enable Prinergy On Demand to utilize innovative AI technology more easily and more directly than ever by providing an integrated platform with Industry 4.0 and automation features unmatched throughout the printing industry,” said Todd Bigger, vice president software, Kodak Print Division, in a news release.

Column to power public notices for Washington Post

Public notice platform Column will power notices for The Washington Post, providing software for The Post’s online distribution of public and legal notices in the DC-Maryland-Virginia region. 

“We are thrilled to equip The Post with this powerful technology for the future of public notice,” said Jake Seaton, CEO of Column. "Our platform comes with sophisticated design, geographic search tools and machine learning categorization that sets a new standard for online public notice display." 

Column developed a new online database of all public and legal notices published with The Post. The database displays important public interest information for DCMaryland-Virginia region residents including requests for bids, requests for proposals and trustee sales. 

Access to The Post's new public notice database is available at publicnotices.washingtonpost.com.

Drupa launches drupa preview online platform

Printing technologies trade fair drupa is extending its digital offering: starting in October the online platform drupa preview will offer exhibitors and visitors an additional channel for touching base with the sector, discussing trending themes and presenting product portfolios. 

The portal will consist of the content formats “Conference,” “Exhibition” and “Networking.” 

The drupa preview enables continuous exchange of information until the hybrid trade fair in April 2021 (April 20–28 in Dusseldorf, Germany), which will combine the on-site event with additional digital content, say organizers Messe Dusseldorf. 

“We have already been working long and hard on enhancing our digital offering. The pandemic has faced us with new challenges and has ultimately been a catalyst for digitization,” says Sabine Geldermann, director drupa and Print Technologies. “With the hybrid drupa we also give those visitors who are unable to travel the possibility to take part in the industry get-together.”

Google is bringing Your News Update to Google Podcasts and also making it easier to listen to local news when you ask Google Assistant, Google said in a blog. 

Last fall, Google launched its news playlist Your News Update on Google Assistant. Your News Update is now coming to Google Podcasts to make it easier for millions of podcast users in the U.S. to discover and listen to news that’s timely and relevant to them, says Google. 

Podcasting is more popular than ever and news is the fastest-growing category in podcasts, Google points out. But there often tends to be a focus on national news and it’s harder to find on-demand quality audio journalism at the local level, says Google. 

When a user opens the Google Podcasts app and navigates to the Explore tab, that user can subscribe to Your News Update and listen to a mix of short news stories chosen based on the user’s interests, location, history and preferences.

Google launches News search type filter

With a July 21 tweet, Google announced that it has a new search type filter: News. 

Publishers can now analyze traffic coming from the News tab on Google Search, the tweet says. It says users can learn more about filtering data on Performance reports. 

The company then sent out an email on the matter, says Search Engine Roundtable. “We’ve recently added new data to the Performance report in Search Console: Google Search’s News tab data. This data shows clicks, impressions, and click-through rate for any links seen in the ‘News’ tab in Google Search results,” the email said. “To access this data in the report, click the ‘Search type: Web’ filter on the top of the report, then select ‘News.’

Reuters, Facebook partnering on election night

Reuters has a new a partnership with Facebook to produce live U.S. election night results for social media users.

 During election night, data delivered by Reuters will be shown on Facebook’s Voting information Center and shared in push notifications. This will include live election results charting real-time outcomes including vote tabulation, exit polls and winner projections from the National Election Pool (NEP), a consortium of ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News and Edison Research, says Reuters. “

“We’re partnering with Reuters and the National Election Pool to provide authoritative information about election results,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “We’ll show this in the Voting Information Center so it’s easily accessible, and we’ll notify people proactively as results become available. Importantly, if any candidate or campaign tries to declare victory before the results are in, we’ll add a label to their post educating that official results are not yet in and directing people to the official results,” he said.

Plans to launch Facebook News internationally; other Facebook items

Several items of note to report involving Facebook.

• Facebook is accelerating its plans to expand Facebook News internationally. The company aims to launch Facebook News in multiple countries within the next six months to a year and is considering the U.K., Germany, France, India and Brazil. In each country, the company will pay news publishers to “ensure their content is available in the new product,” says Facebook.

• After Facebook raised concerns over lost ad revenue due to Apple’s iOS 14 privacy changes, other digital publishers have chimed in. One publisher says ad rates on iOS could fall as much as 40%, The Wall Street Journal and 9to5mac reported.

• Facebook has introduced Facebook Shop, a new place to discover businesses and shop for products in the Facebook app, says Facebook. Facebook started testing this in the U.S. and launched a complementary shopping destination on Instagram in July, called Instagram Shop.

• Facebook says Apple rejected its effort to tell people that Apple would take a 30% cut of sales in a new online events feature, Reuters reported. Apple made Facebook take that info off to get the tool to users, says Reuters. 

Facebook also aimed to inform users on the Google Play store that Facebook wouldn’t take a fee for ticket sales, but that message was also not shown, says Reuters. 

Apple also found itself in a high-profile corporate spat with Fortnite creator Epic Games, which is suing Apple.

• Facebook has a new account linking tool that provides a better experience for people on Facebook when they see and access content from publishers they subscribe to, says the company. Facebook is collaborating with publishers around the world to test this new product, which allows people to link their news subscription accounts on Facebook. Once implemented, linked subscribers will not meet paywalls when accessing articles from Facebook and won’t be asked to sign-in repeatedly, a common pain point many subscribers and publishers face today, says Facebook.

Digital Content Next writes to Apple’s Cook

Trade group Digital Content Next’s CEO Jason Kint has written a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking for disclosure of the terms of a deal between Amazon and Apple and asking if “anyone meeting the conditions” can apply to get the deal. 

Digital Content Next represents The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other outfits. 

The deal came up in a July 29 House hearing on online platforms and market power. 

At the hearing, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) asked Apple CEO Tim Cook if the terms between Apple and Amazon are available to other developers. Cook said “anyone meeting the conditions” can apply for the terms.

Some background, from Digital Content Next: In 2017, Apple and Amazon made a deal where Amazon Prime Video would be available on Apple TV and Apple products would be available on Amazon. As part of the deal, Apple would lower its fee for people who subscribed to Prime Video from 30% to 15%. For existing Prime Video subscribers, Apple agreed to drop its normal 15% fee. “The cherry on top for Amazon was that they could use other payment systems outside of Apple,” says Digital Content Next. 

Those the details of the deal according to an email uncovered by the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, says Digital Content Next. Apple and Amazon haven’t made details of the deal public.