Washington Post has launched Project Signal, “a next-generation advertising product that brings the combination of advertiser and reader needs to the forefront,” wrote Jarrod Dicker, vice president of innovation and commercial strategy, in a blog post on the product.

Project Signal is meant to be a solution for the post-cookie era, the blog post indicated.

“The Post is well positioned to help brands prepare for this industry shift by providing a view of the content their audiences read, the topics that drive interaction and preferred forms of media consumption. This deeper understanding gives advertisers the ability to know the types of content likely to lead to more engagement and conversion with their brands,” says the blog post.

Advertisers will be able to invest and learn from insights on The Post and scale those learnings across the Post’s Zeus Prime network of publishers.

In other WaPo news, Zeus Technology, the advertising framework and rendering engine from the Post, has hooked a big fish: Alden Global Capital’s MediaNews Group. MNG will implement Zeus Performance and “optimize the advertising experience for the benefit of readers and advertisers,” a news release from the Post said. The initial implementation will include the Orange County Register, with the option of expanding to additional sites later.

“This next era in media is about collaboration over competition,” said Dicker, who is GM of Zeus, in a news release. “We are pleased to welcome MediaNews Group into the Zeus family and look forward to working with them to bring more advertiser revenue to local publishers.”

According to the Post, Zeus Performance significantly improves digital ad performance over the industry average, driving viewability over 70% for customers.

Zeus Performance has signed more than 100 sites and powers three billion monthly impressions, says the Post.