Some content is now behind a paywall at the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News. The paywall went up Aug. 12.

The subscription push was put into motion by, a partnership between the owners of The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. 

Alden Global Capital’s Digital First Media owns the Detroit News. Gannett owns the Free Press.

“Most American newspapers have some sort of paid digital requirement today. The Wall Street Journal has required paid digital subscriptions since the inception of almost 25 years ago. The New York Times has almost 6 million digital subscribers. And about three-quarters of newspapers in the country now charge in some way to digitally access their content,” said a post from Peter Bhatia, editor and vice president of the Free Press.

Most Free Press content will stay free on “‘Subscriber-only’ stories will be the unique, revelatory, in-depth stories that are not available elsewhere,” said the post.

Much of the Detroit News’s breaking news content will stay free, but some of the in-depth and original stories will be available to subscribers only, the paper said. This represents the first time in the 25-year existence of the Detroit News website that it will charge for content, the paper said. 

The papers are offering a $3 deal per paper for the first three months for full digital access and the e-edition.

More news

• The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, California) will shift its print operation to Gannett’s Phoenix facility in September, the paper reported. Gannett owns the paper. The Desert Sun has been printing at the paper's Gene Autry Trail headquarters in Palm Springs since the late 1980s.

Around three dozen employees were cut in the move. “I personally will miss wandering back to ‘the factory,’ smelling the ink, and watching a stream of newspapers cascade down a conveyor belt to the mailroom floor,” said an online letter from Executive Editor Julie Makinen.

• Starting Oct. 12, the Albuquerque Journal and The Santa Fe New Mexican will print their papers at The New Mexican’s production facility, the Albuquerque paper reported. As many as 70 staff members in the Journal’s printing operation will lose jobs, according to William P. Lang, president of the Journal, the Journal said. 

Journal Publishing Company owns the Albuquerque Journal. Robin Martin owns the Santa Fe New Mexican.