McClatchy has made changes in the company’s leadership structure, Poynter reports.

Starting in the Carolinas and California, McClatchy is adding two regional editor positions to help newsrooms reshape as a group rather than individually. McClatchy will add regional editors as the year goes on. 

Robyn Tomlin, managing editor at the Dallas Morning News, will be the regional editor for the Carolinas. Lauren Gustus, executive editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, will be the regional editor for McClatchy’s newsrooms in California and Boise, Idaho. 

John Drescher, executive editor of the News and Observer, will be Opinion and Solutions Editor in Raleigh. Sacramento Bee executive editor Joyce Terhaar is departing the company.

“Our current system, with each newsroom operating separately from the others, discourages cooperation in favor of competition and duplication,” the company said, according to the News and Observer. “By working together, we will marshal all the resources and talents and expertise from each region, and across the company, to produce local journalism that is ever more essential to the communities we serve.”

Like many in the industry, McClatchy’s 30 local newsrooms saw cuts last year and have struggled to turn profits.

Meanwhile, a few other job moves at McClatchy: Modesto Bee editor Joe Kieta will become the editor of the Fresno Bee. Colleen McCain Nelson, the Kansas City Star’s editorial page editor, will become McClatchy’s opinion editor. 

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