Alvin Nesmith

Production Manager tampa bay times

N&T: what has been your most effective cost savings solution (workforce excluded)?

Here at the Tampa Bay Times, we have taken time to evaluate the things we do well and that have been the building blocks of our success. Using that information, we have channeled investments into new ideas that would create not only cost-saving opportunities, but new revenue streams. Each division of the newspaper shares in the vision that we as a newspaper have value to our readers and to our advertisers.

N&T: Is recycling currently being viewed as a revenue stream or a cost of doing business?  Please explain your response

Recycling in Operations has become a new culture shift over the last two years. We started looking at ways to reduce our waste stream by increasing our knowledge on the things that can be recycled. Today our Environmental Conservation Operations team, known as ECO, has focused energy, effort and behavior on expanding recycling and maintaining data on the things we have been able to capture. Today our efforts have proven that we have been able to bring savings and revenue to the company just by changing our behavior.

N&T: How does the annual ING meeting enable/empower you? 

ING has long been one of the conferences that has given us the opportunity to explore many different manufacturing processes, which allows us to adapt and transform their success into practical use at our newspaper

ING has always been a valuable resource, bringing together talented leaders from different parts of the industry. It helps promote and develop relationships where information sharing is encouraged, and collaboration helps to successfully solve challenging problems. The ING organization strives to bring to the forefront timely topics that represent present-day challenges and that many organizations will be faced with while trying to navigate through a changing industry.

It also gives managers an opportunity to develop their leadership skills by learning from others. Sometimes having a forum that creates opportunities for “think tanks” where ideas can be expounded upon and developed allows a person to bring opportunities back to their organization.

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