Clarence Jackson

Clarence Jackson Senior Director of operations, atlanta Journal Constitution/Cox enterprises

N&T: What do you see as best-in-class solutions in the market now?

Utilizing local vendors that can provide control upgrades and solutions for obsolete equipment, both for the obsolete components as vendors have disappeared or where OEMs have drastically cut back support. With reduced circulations, the ability to best utilize equipment by modifying delivery schedules and production windows.

Another challenge at our newspaper is the ability to employ the best people in our industry. Our solution for that is to provide an industry-leading, best-in-class experience for our employees, our most important assets. At Cox, our benefits are second to none with great medical, a 401(k) program, pet insurance and many others.

The AJC was an early adopter of utilizing customer data to best understand their subscription habits and the website traffic patterns of our customers,

N&T: What may be on the horizon for emerging solutions? both current and potential ?

Utilizing research to best serve our customers, we are looking to our division partners in radio and TV to use reader research to better focus our products and efforts on the correct areas.

The AJC will dig even deeper into data and analytics as we work to understand the habits of our current print and digital customers. According to Will Hauck, AJC’s senior director of consumer revenue, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be our best tools to predict the behaviors of our current and potential digital customers. It is more crucial than ever to retain our current subscribers and identify new prospects to groom into paying subscribers, using dynamic offers and personalized messaging.

N&T: Is recycling currently being viewed as a revenue stream or a cost of doing business? Please explain your response.

Recycling is and has been for decades a part of doing business in newspapers. It is a critical part of our business as we recycle virtually every material we run through our process. Due to the precipitous decline in recycled material commodity prices, revenue isn’t what it once was for these materials. That said, recycling all the materials is just as important as ever.