Doug Wilson


Vice president of production adams publishing group

N&T: what do you see as best-in-class solutions in the market now?

The most successful currently are solution that provide the clients with multiple platforms for their advertising and or businesses marketing. The successful printers are able to provide not only legacy print, whether it is ROP or inserts programs, but also can provide digital, variable data marketing in both print and web base, direct mailing services and higher-end production of niche publications. 

As printers continue to consolidate, the opportunity newspaper groups have is to continue to expand our services and create partnerships that are driven by customer service and our name recognition in the market. 

For printers with locations in multiple parts of the country or a state, regional and national selling is growing with our ability to present logistics savings, get to market quicker and have a better pulse on the area’s desires.

N&T: what may be on the horizon for emerging solutions?

The continued improvement in digital printing technology that makes shorter runs for specialized products. The ability for smaller printers to cost-effectively provide focused material that uses the data they have amassed over the years and provide a product the end user and advertiser values.

N&T: Is recycling currently being viewed as a revenue stream or a cost of doing business? Please explain your response.

At APG East Central, we view recycling as a revenue stream. We know that by diligently sorting waste, we can dramatically improve the amount of revenue we get not only on paper waste but also on items like chip board and cardboard, to name a couple that come to us from inbound shipments. We also believe this has a positive environmental impact that has savings in our communities that would trickle back to our businesses. 

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