Janet Owen, vice president production, Las Vegas ReviewJournal

N&T: What technology trends are you watching for 2020?

Owen: We, like everyone else, are watching the digital trends of which there are so many and are ever changing.Videos, social media, e-editions, electronic kiosks for advertising and a host of others that I cannot even begin to name are all being looked at, tried, and in many cases, implemented/

N&T: What's your biggest prediction for 2020?

Owen: I believe we are going to see a faster slide-out of print and into digital. This is not easy to say, but true.

N&T: The industry as a whole is involved in a daily battle, from aging equipment to revenue challenges. What is one of your priorities?

Owen: We find ourselves in a situation where we are dealing with aging and obsolete systems. While our circulation is falling, our print requirements are expanding through commercial work. So the option of trying to get through with what we have is no longer an option. We are looking at alternatives to obsolete systems and have replaced a few in the last 12 months. Unit press drives are a big issue now that they are obsolete. This is a huge expense so we are looking at options that can minimize that expense and keep us going for the long term.

We are also trying to find unique alternative uses for our presses (both cold web and UV) that may help to drive sales and build a new niche in the world of commercial print. We are finding there is a need for various types of printing on newspaper presses such as menus and specialty publications. We are fortunate to have stitcher/ trimmers available for use. We need to learn how to maximize the equipment, which is asking people/employees to get out of their comfort zone.

N&T: Why is ING 2020 important to you?

Owen: So many people and organizations around the country are going through dramatic change. As a result, many get very creative. It is always good to hear from these people and maybe learn about something we, too, are capable of doing but just hadn't thought of yet.’

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