Joe Bowman

Vp operations plain Dealer publishing Company

N&T: what has been your most effective cost savings solution (workforce excluded)? 

I am fortunate to work with a tremendous group of corporate and local Plain Dealer partners. We are all aligned to produce the best product available for the lowest cost possible. This means working together to ensure that content deadlines, production schedules, distribution requirements and commercial print partner expectations are in synch. Constant review of all schedule requirements and tweaking when necessary have contributed to product enhancements, cost savings and timely delivery.

N&T: Is recycling currently being viewed as a revenue stream or a cost of doing business?  Please explain your response.

Waste in most forms is a cost of doing business. There is some inherent level of waste on many of the processes used to produce a daily newspaper. The goal is to find appropriate measures to limit the amount of waste produced through best practices, training, standards and a constant attention to detail. Waste becomes a revenue stream once you control it to the lowest levels possible, then regain some value from that waste through the recycling process. So yes, it can be regarded as a revenue stream once waste is driven to the lowest possible levels.

N&T: How does the annual ING meeting enable/empower you?

I have been an ING board member for over 20 years. Every three years I have the option to step away or to continue to participate with the group. I am still here. The ING board, along with many of our annual conference attendees, are decision-makers at the highest level of our organizations. I have gained tremendous insight from my colleagues on both short-term operational challenges and long-term direction for the industry. The ability to meet both socially and professionally over a weekend is invaluable to gathering the real-life experiences of others and helps shape decisions I make back at The Plain Dealer. 

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