Wayne D. Pelland Vice president of Manufacturing and Distribution GateHouse Media

N&T: What do you see as best-in-class solutions in the market now?

This is an interesting question, given our Industry's environment of necessary efficiencies to remain competitive. Efficient maintenance and operating models that allow newspaper production facilities to maximize production capacity with minimal staff. This is not the traditional model. Peoria is an example where they produce two dailies at a time with double out capabilities, with one press crew.

N&T: What may be on the horizon for emerging solutions? 

We will see an acceleration of plant consolidations, newspapers with common layouts to minimize change over time, common paging, earlier deadlines, and longer delivery routes (larger delivery windows). All these practices will be based on efficiency and cost reductions. We will maximize our assets.

N&T: Is recycling currently being viewed as a revenue stream or a cost of doing business? Please explain your response.

We view recycling as a key operating practice across all of our facilities. We view recycling as a revenue stream, which is significant in the new world of tariffs and higher raw material costs