News & Tech’s Video Vendor Showcase is a cost effective, high profile marketing mechanism to get your company’s message in front of more than 7,000 industry professionals.

The Video Vendor Showcase can showcase new or existing products, market new services, people or company news, product launches and press releases.

Your Video Vendor Showcase will be placed in a prominent location on the News & Tech’s s website ( and each new video posting will be covered in our weekly Dateline newsletter.

As the newspaper industry’s premier resource for more than 30 years, News & Tech’s award-winning coverage is viewed by all the executives you want to reach.



YouTube videos are acceptable, please supply the video URL.

Video dimensions:

Videos need to be .MP4 using H.264 encoding and AAC/MP3 audio codecs. The following video file types will be converted - .webm, .avi, .mov, .mpg, and .wmv to the MP4/H.264. Videos with a resolution greater than 720p will be forced down to 720p. Audio codec is converted to AAC if not already in that format. Video will be transposed based on detection (this is useful if taken on a phone and the orientation was wrong as it is also forced into a linearized format so that streaming works properly). 

The use of .MP4/H.264 w/AAC was selected as it has the widest audience coverage based on device and browser types most popularly used. If you get an error message, the video does not meet these requirements.

640 x 360 Low Quality - This is the 1/4 size of the 720p HD TV standard.

960 x 540 Medium Quality - This is the 1/4 size of the 1080p HD TV standard.

1280 x 720 High Quality - HD TV standard and is popular in phones.

Quarter sizes use less  bandwidth and will look better on the full 4/4 versions of those screens.

For best quality, encoding to 1024 kbps (or lower) on .MP4 files.

The maximum file size for upload is 250MB.

Rate per video:

$200 per month

Please call for multiple run rates.


Delivery: Send final videos to

For more information contact Mary L. Van Meter at 303.601-1361 or