Hearst Magazines is monitoring what readers go to online and using that info to give those readers targeted print ads, Adweek reported.

The product is dubbed MagMatch and comes from the Hearst Data Studio. Its first appearance is in Elle magazine. But the ads may also show up in other Hearst publications, including Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Food Network Magazine and Car & Driver, Adweek reports.

The product will be able to be used in all categories but pharmaceuticals, Adweek reports.

Skincare maker StriVectin is the first to try MagMatch, with an ad that uses a reader’s name in the latest Elle edition, Adweek says.

“Researching and shopping for skincare is a personal journey. We’re always looking for ways to make 1:1 connections with consumers … Harnessing the power to target and personalize the insert took a great campaign concept to the next level,” said Alison Yeh, chief marketing officer at StriVectin, in a statement, according to Adweek.