Hearst Magazines is launching Sample Ignition 360, which gives consumers free samples of products when consumers provide their email address and shipping information, Digiday reports.

Hearst is partnering with a company called SoPost in the effort. Hearst is relying on its own Instagram and Facebook followers in the effort.

“Rather than hand the leads off to the advertisers, Hearst packages and ships the products to the customers directly” and, if the advertiser wishes, Hearst again contacts the sampling consumers by email, asking for opinions and seeing if consumers will write reviews the companies can utilize, Digiday wrote.

Concerning the cost of Ignition 360 ads, Hearst said it charges a price per lead, rather than a CPM (cost per impression). The cost varies based on certain factors. Digiday said.

Last year, Hearst began letting advertisers put surveys in the body of articles, and affiliate commerce has been part of Hearst’s strategy for quite some time, according to Digiday.