What to Watch

Michigan-based NTVB Media is sharing its television expertise and content with newspapers for free from now until at least May 30, the company says.

NTVB owns and publishes TV Guide Magazine, TV Weekly, Channel Guide Magazine, OnDISH and REMIND.

Nielsen has said that Americans staying put in their homes can lead to almost a 60% or more increase in the amount of content watched. “As people stay safe at home over the next several weeks, we expect a shift in viewing from news to more entertainment,” Andy DeAngelis, president of NTVB Media, told News & Tech. “And people will naturally be looking for good programming. We launched ‘What to Watch’ to help them.”

The “What To Watch” TV recommendations include paginated pages for every day of the week that papers can download and place directly into print and digital editions, and designed pages that papers can put on their website and promote to subscribers via email and social media.

Newspapers can also register and download free NTVB Media content that includes celebrity interviews, TV Guide Magazine columns, retro Hollywood features, and movie previews, as well as the company’s Find & Remind interactive widgets.

“The sheer volume of shows and ways to watch can be a quandary for many people,” says Tom Comi, vice president of content partnerships for NTVB Media. He says the average cable and satellite customer has access to 194 channels, which gives them approximately 1,000 programming choices in primetime, and that doesn’t include streaming services.

“Newspapers can help their readers answer the many questions you see millions of Americans asking their friends, family and colleagues every day on social media: ‘What shows are you watching right now?’ ‘What series should I binge this weekend?’ ‘How is “Ozark” on Netflix?’ ‘Would my husband like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon?’ ‘Do I have to like fantasy shows to enjoy “Game of Thrones” on HBO? Comi says.

NTVB Media and Lee Enterprises partner on the paginated and designed “What to Watch” pages. NTVB provides the content, and Lee designs the pages. The paginated versions are stored on Lee’s FTP site, where newspapers can access them, and the designed PDFs are available for download on the NTVB syndication page, found here

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