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New Media

New Media

Adicio Inc. | employment advertising


What it is:

What it does: A Web site that enables employers to post listings to more than 500 newspaper, broadcast, trade publishing and niche sites. Inc. | electronic reader


What it is: Kindle DX

What it does: An electronic reader with a rotational display

measuring 9.7 inches, more than two times the size of the Kindle 2.

Atex | CMS, advertising software


What it is: DNA One

What it does: A Web-based app that integrates advertising and news content within the Polopoly Web CMS.

What it is: Atex Marketplace

What it does: An online classified ad app.

What it is: OneView

What it does: Software that integrates Atex and non-Atex apps in a single display.

Barnes & Noble | electronic reader


What it is: Nook

What it does: An e-reader with a 7.7-by-4.9-inch display, weighing 11.2 ounces and the first to use the Android 1.5 operating system. It also offers a color touchscreen for navigation along with an E-Ink Corp. display to read downloaded content.

Celsius Technology Group | CMS


What it is: Celsius Technology Platform

What it does: A hosted content management system that includes Celsius Publisher, Story and Pipeline applications. The system allows readers to add elements to an existing story and upload photos and videos.

COPI | two-dimensional barcodes


What it is: CodeZ QR

What it does: Data-rich two-dimensional barcode through which newspapers can provide readers with additional information about articles and advertisements.

Cox Ohio Media | online advertising


What it is: Online Ad Studio

What it does: An advertising service that provides area small businesses with the opportunity to create static and dynamic online ads.

EidosMedia Inc. | CMS


What it is: Méthode

What it does: Upgrade to software that adds Web portal management functions.


Fujitsu Frontech Ltd. | electronic reader

+81 44.777.1111

What it is: Flepia

What it does: A full-color, electronic display featuring an 8-inch-screen that is capable of presenting up to 260,000 colors in high definition.

iRex Technologies | electronic reader

+31 40.8514650

What it is: DR800SG

What it does: The e-reader touts an 8.1-inch electronic ink display and 3G wireless connectivity.

Jones Banana Network | online promotions


What it is: Bananas

What it does: An online service that lets newspaper Web site visitors view movie trailers, games, music videos and DVDs.

MashLogic | online aggregation

What it is: MashLogic for Firefox

What it does: The Firefox browser plug-in gives readers contextual information about the content they are consuming.

MediaSpan | CMS


What it is: IQue

What it does: Upgrade features a redesigned Web client.

NewsEngin | CMS


What it is: Ampere

What it does: Hosted content management software.

Presteligence Inc. | electronic newspaper


What it is: My News...On the Go

What it does: Electronic edition software that allows readers to access newspaper content online or via mobile devices.

PrinterPresence | search engine optimization


What they are: Firespring SEO and Firesprint SEM

What they do: Software designed to help users get higher visibility and ranking from Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

Quark Inc. | CMS


What it is: QPS Portal Services

What it does: An interface to QPS that lets users create Web-based XTension apps.

RTTNews | syndicated news


What it is: RTT News

What it does: Financial news service aimed at online


Saxotech Inc. | CMS


What it is: Managed Hosted Mediaware Center

What it does: Upgrade adds support for remote hosting.

What it is: Online Ad Solutions

What it does: Software engineered to help newspapers maximize the profitability of their online ad inventory.

Tera Digital Publishing | CMS


What it is: Tark4

What it does: Upgrade to digital archiving app that features integration with third-party CMS as well as enhanced ability to manage a wider variety of content, including text, graphics, audio and video. | CMS


What it is: Blox

What it does: Web site management software that's built

on a block-based architecture through which newspapers can move and manage their Web content.

Tribune Media Group | self-service advertising

What it is: DASS

What it does: Display Ad Self Service software, based on Mediaspectrum Inc.'s Ad Sales app, that lets customers book their own advertising online.

Wave2 Media Solutions | self-service advertising


What it is: iPublish

What it does: Upgrade to self-service ad software that adds support for video production.

WoodWing Software | CMS


What it is: Brand Station

What it does: A Web-to-print integration app.

What it is: Enterprise 7

What it does: Upgrade to flagship publishing management software includes integration into social media networks and applications.

What it is: Smart News

What it does: Hosted mobile software, with iPhone support.



Burt Technologies Inc. | postpress management



What it is: Burt v10

What it does: Upgrade to the firm's flagship postpress management software.

Ferag Americas Inc. | inserter, quarterfolder


What it is: EZSert

What it does: A 25,000-copy-per-hour inserting system aimed at small- and medium-sized newspapers with high-volume supplement requirements.

What it is: StreamFold

What it does: A quarterfold system, rated at 60,000 cph, that can be used as a standalone system or integrated into any Ferag system via the vendor's UTR conveyor technology.

IMC America | collator


What it is: XYZ

What it does: A 30,000-copy-per-hour collator designed to allow newspapers to gather inserts for polybagging.

Miracom Computer Corp. | retrofit program


What it is: SLS-1000 inserter retrofit

What it does: Sales, support and servicing of used and rebuilt SLS-1000 inserters.

Muller Martini Mailroom Systems Inc. | inserter


What it is: SLS-3000 XL

What it does: A high-speed converter, engineered with a universal feeder and variable format pockets that enables newspapers to process various sizes of newspaper jackets with minimal changeover.

What it is: ValueLiner

What it does: A card gluer system that allows publishers to attach advertisements on the front and back pages of their editions.

Quipp Systems (an ITW company) | strapper


What it is: LBX-News

What it does: A strapper capable of handling up to 45 bundles per minute. The machine's strapping head has no belts, clutches, pulleys or chains and features jam-resistant strapping.

Rima-System Atlanta LLC USA | stackers, inserter


What it is: RS-34

What it does: A compensating stacker, based on the firm's existing RS-36 stacker, engineered with a smaller frame and at a reduced price point.

What it is: RS 610 Multi

What it does: A log stacker engineered to support a wide range of formats.

Schur Packaging Systems | stacker, inserter


What it is: Stacker

What it does: A stacker capable of processing up to 90,000 papers per hour, featuring lift-and-compress operation and a 7-foot infeed, allowing it to be placed in existing footprints.

What it is: 1455 inserter

What it does: A 45,000-copy-per-hour inserter engineered with the firm's 1055 hoppers to create a system with a lower profile and smaller footprint.

Tolerans AB | stitchers


What it is: Speedliner 2.0

What it does: The upgrade to the inline stitching system can be installed either as a ribbon or cylinder stitcher and can stitch at a rate beyond press production speeds.

What it is: Speedliner S60 compact ribbon stitcher

What it does: The device can process up to 60,000 copies per hour in straight production and can be placed in most folders without major modification. The stitcher measures less than 4 inches high.



AdLizard | online advertising



What it is: Web 123

What it does: Self-service ad creation software that supports print, Web and e-mail campaigns.

What it is: Campaign Management tool

What it does: Self-service ad software that allows Realtors to create print ads as well as marketing collateral such as brochures.

Affinity Express | ad production


What it is: Affinity Express Service Bureau v. 2.

What it does: Upgrade to ad production software that includes support for Agfa Arkitex and Harlequin RIP workflows. Software is based on ad management app from Mediaspectrum.

Agfa Graphics | digital printing, CTP unit, workflow

software, ink optimization


What it is: Express Print Mode

What it does: The feature boosts productivity of the Agfa Dotrix digital press 35 percent, from 4,800 linear feet per hour to 6,300.

What it is: Dotrix color-matching enhancements

What it does: Six-color extended gamut capabilities allows the Dotrix to match 90 percent of all Pantone colors as well as numerous spot colors.

What it is: Advantage N-TR

What it does: Upgrade to Advantage N computer-to-plate platform can image up to 300 plates per hour and also features a 1,500-plate-capacty mobile trolley for offline loading of multiple plate sizes.

What it is: Arkitex Portal

What it does: A secure Web site through which printers can specify job requirements.

alfaQuest Technologies | CTP unit, ink software


What it is: Esprit

What it does: A manual-load, manual registration violet computer-to-plate imager that can image up to 50 plates an hour.

What it is: Ink Optimizer

What it does: The PrintExpress workflow management module eliminates the need to preprocess files for optimization before submitting them to a RIP.

Apago Inc. | PDF software


What it is: PDF Shrink 4.5

What it does: Upgrade to PDF app optimizes PDFs for display on Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices.

AVT/GMI | color control software


What it is: ColorQuick/Clarios

What it does: Automated closed-loop color control software for commercial press users.

What it is: Microcolor/Mercury

What it does: Remote ink control software for commercial press users.

Burgess Industries Inc. | plate bending management software


What it is: Remote monitoring software

What it does: Software monitors performance of Burgess' plate-bending equipment and sends alerts to users' mobile phones in the event any problems are detected.

CCI Europe | CMS


What it is: NewsGate

What it does: Cross-media content management software allows users to publish content across multiple channels.

CGS Publishing Technologies Int'l. | proofing


What it is: Oris Color Tuner//Web 1.0

What it does: Web-based contract proofing software.

ColorQuick LLC | proofing


What it is: Veroproof

What it does: Remote proofing software that enables users to verify the quality of images and files before they are produced.

Dalim Software | proofing


What it is: Dialogue ES

What it does: Web-based proofing software.

Data Sciences Inc. | circulation software


What it is: DSI-e-solicitor

What it does: Circulation management software that automatically processes solicited subscription orders.

Digital Technology International | CMS


What it is: ContentPublisher

What it does: Upgrade to content management software includes page tracking, online article ranking and an events calendar.

DPS Inc. | advertising software


What it is: AdTracker mobile

What it does: Upgrade to ad management software allows users to access ad management data from smart phones and PDAs.

What it is: DPS AdTracker: Express Edition

What it does: Ad management software engineered for smaller workforces, ad agencies and advertisers that integrates with pagination and display software from Quark Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.

What it is: DPS Ad Tracker: Enterprise Edition

What it does: Upgrade to ad management app adds remote hosting support.

ECRM Imaging Systems | workflow


What it is: RIPMate 8.1

What it does: Upgrade to workflow app that includes additional support for PDF v.1.7 and PDF/X-4 formats as well as accelerated PDF processing.

Essex Products Group | color control software


What it is: KeyColor Apollo

What it does: Closed-loop color control software.

What it is: KeyColor Adelphi

What it does: Ink key preset software, engineered to mesh with computer-to-plate systems.

What it is: ColorInSpec

What it does: Print defect detection software.

FineEye Color Solutions | color management software


What it is: 20/20

What it does: Color separation software designed to provide a 20 percent increase in gamut while reducing ink consumption by 20 percent.

Fujifilm Europe | digital plate, press wash

+49 211.5089.100

What it is: Brillia HD Pro-T2

What it does: Upgrade to digital plate includes better on-press performance and imaging latitude.

What it is: Solvent-free wash

What it does: Hydrocarbon- and vegetable-oil-derivative-free offset wash that can clean both ink and paper dust simultaneously.

Fujifilm Graphic Systems U.S.A. Inc. | digital plate, color management


What it is: Brillia LH-NN2

What it does: A 300,000-impression thermal plate designed specifically for longer runs.

What it is: Taskero Universe Colorpath Verified technology integrated with EasyTrax

What it does: The integration, with X-Rite, allows users to obtain real-time information about color production via a Web browser.

Fusion Systems International | workflow software


What it is: DigiPage ROOM 5.1

What it does: Upgrade to workflow automation software provides packaging application support and improved dot proofing.

Global Graphics Software Inc. | RIP software


What it is: Harlequin RIP

What it does: Upgrade to RIP software.

Glunz & Jensen | punch bender, conveyor


What it is: VisionMaster

punch bender

What it does: A vision punch bender priced under $50,000.

What it is: CM62 series conveyors

What it does: Conveying system designed to handle larger lates.

What it is: PlateWriter

What it does: A processor-free computer-to-plate system aimed at all small commercial printers or quick printers.

GMG Americas | color management software


What it is: ColorServer Plus

What it does: Color management software designed to ensure color consistency on Hewlett-Packard's Indigo digital press.

Integration X | ad production software


What it is: Adpoint 5

What it does: Hosted ad production software.

Kodak Graphic Communications Group | inkjet printer, workflow software, CTP unit, digital plate


What it is: Prosper S10 Imprinting System

What it does: A black-and-white, 600 dot-per-inch inkjet print head that can be installed on any web offset press to provide variable printing at press speeds.

What it is: Prinergy Digital Workflow

What it does: Workflow software engineered for digital presses.

What it is: ColorFlow

What it does: Color management software that integrates color management across all of the print devices in a production environment.

What it is: Trendsetter News

What it does: Upgrade to flagship thermal computer-to-plate system features a smaller footprint, additional automation and technology aimed at minimizing service and maximizing uptime.

What it is: VioletNews Gold

What it does: Thermal digital plate.

Miles 33 International | ad software


What it is: Intelligent Internet Advertising

What it does: Web-based ad sales app that lets newspapers offer companies the chance to purchase rotating banner advertising that's linked to relevant Web pages.

Nela | plate inspector, register control system


What it is: Nela Plate Inspector

What it does: A plate inspection system that can detect plate defects as small as 0.1 mm at speeds of up to 450 plates per hour.

What it is: On-Press Register Control system

What it does: An automatic registration system that provides adjustment on the press cylinder.

OneVision Software | image management software


What it is: Amendo

What it does: Upgrade to image quality management software.

What it is: Mirado

What it does: Upgrade to software that lets users repurpose existing print files for electronic display.

What it is: Voyager

What it does: Upgrade to online file transfer software.

ppi Media US Inc. | ad management software

630.920 2093

What it is: AdX

What it does: Software that tracks print and online ad space availability.

Quark Inc. | CMS


What it is: Dynamic Publishing Solution

What it does: Upgrade to integrated content management software includes QuarkXPress 8.1, Quark Publishing System 8.1, QuarkCopyDesk 8.1 and QuarkXPress Server 8.1.

Tansa Systems Inc. | text proofing software


What it is: Tansa 4

What it does: Upgrade to text proofing app includes a new user interface, Web browser support and punctuation and keyword finder features.

VIM Technologies | digital CTP unit


What it is: JT-P

What it does: A computer-to-plate system that uses a processless method to image offset plates using small- to mid-size inkjet printers.



ABB Inc. | production planning software


What it is: MPS DeliveryPlanner

What it does: Delivery management software that lets users associate planning, tracking and costs with an original production order.

Absolute Graphic Technologies Inc.


BEK Technology | ink managment


What it is: Ink Tracker fountain filling system co-developed by AGT and BEK.

What it does: An ink filling system that tracks across a press' fountain and applies ink where required. Software also tracks ink consumption for monitoring system performance.

Acutech LLC | Plate lockup, one-around conversion


What it is: 600 SH

What it does: A plate lockup engineered for use in shallow-cut plate cylinders. The device, an offshoot of the firm's 600 No Tool Lock, can fit in gaps as shallow as 5/8-inch.

What it is: 1X

What it does: Service designed to convert plate cylinders on Goss International, TKS (USA) or Harris presses to one-around operation.

Aragon System Products | production management


What it is: Production Monitoring Display/Count Integrity Display System

What it does: A monitor that displays production run numbers. The display counts are visible from more than 75 yards, allowing pressroom and packaging center personnel to easily keep track of ongoing production runs and immediately address problems.

CC1 Inc. | color registration camera


What it is: Smart camera

What it does: An upgraded color-registration camera equipped with digital signal processing, which eliminates the need for a host computer to reside in the pressroom.

EAE | color control software


What it is: EAE Loop

What it does: A markless inline closed-loop color control system that offers continuous measurement of ink values in the press - without control patches - through a spectral CMYK-based measuring system.

Flint Group | ink, fountain solutions


What it is: New Generation Performance and Performance Plus inks

What it does: A series of inks engineered to virtually eliminate misting and to provide more robust transfer properties.

What it is: Varn Newsline 435

What it does: A low-VOC mild acid fountain solution.

What it is: Varn Newsline 355

What it does: A neutral fountain solution engineered for spray dampening systems.

Fujifilm Graphic Systems Inc. | digital press


What it is: Fujifilm Inkjet Digital Press

What it does: A piezo drop-on-demand inkjet digital press capable of printing up to 2,700 28.3-by-20.5-inch 4-up sheets per hour.

GEW Inc. | UV drying


What it is: IsoCure

What it does: A UV drying system available either for conventional UV curing or inert atmosphere nitrogen technology.

Goss International | online training


What it is: Online training

What it does: Web-based press technician training programs.

Hewlett Packard | digital press


What it is: Inkjet Web Press

What it does: A digital press capable of running at 400 feet per minute at resolutions up to 1,200-by-600 dpi.

Innolutions Inc. | color control software

What it is: CCC

What it does: Closed-loop color management software that monitors color quality on the printed web.

Jardis | three-wide printing


What it is: RD6

What it does: A press accessory that allows newspapers to print three pages across on a singlewide press.

Manugraph DGM Inc. | press, press contracting services


What it is: HiLine Express

What it does: A 45,000-copy-per-hour singlewide press equipped with an MDGM 1240 folder and engineered with three ink form rollers and three oscillators for precise ink laydown on the plate.

What it is: Press contracting services

What it does: Press resale, removal, reconditioning,

reconfiguration and re-installation service.

Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses | lithographic paper


What it is: Diamond Proof

What it does: The inkjet paper offers suitable substrates for newspaper, contract, imposition and package proofing applications.

Océ North America Inc. | digital press

Production Print Division


What it is: JetStream 2800

What it does: A digital press configured with a 30-inch web and a live-image area of 29.5 inches. It can image at a resolution of 600-by-600 dots per inch and has a run speed of 130 meters per minute, or 4,000 copies per hour for a 32-page tabloid newspaper.

Prime UV Systems | UV drying management


What it is: Smart 2100

control platform

What it does: Remote monitoring software that enables Prime engineers to access Prime UV drying systems worldwide. The software gives users automatic alerts, maintenance updates and preventive maintenance features, including UV bulb replacement monitoring.

Sinapse Graphic International | press simulator


What it is: Simulator upgrade

What it does: New features include additional support for ink key presses, speech functionality, Japanese and Arabic language compatibility and a new interface for Goss M600 Omnicon systems.

Smith Pressroom Products | spraybar supply system


What it is: CircuFlo SD

What it does: A management system that can be used with all types of spraybar dampening systems and includes a touchscreen control panel equipped with an alarm-based conductivity meter.

SpotOn!Press LLC | press management


What it is: SpotOn v2.0

What it does: Press performance verification and monitoring software.

Technotrans | tower cleaning system


What it is: contex.mb

What it does: A brush-based tower-cleaning system that uses a 200-millimeter-wide, moveable cleaning head designed to manage the application and removal of washing agents.

TKS (USA) Inc. | digital press


What it is: JetLeader

What it does: A water-based inkjet press, which sports a maximum web width of 21.5 inches and can print up to 492 feet per minute at a resolution of 600-by-600 dots per inch.

US Ink | specialty promotion

product, press diagnostics


What it is: First Flavor

What it does: Sticky notes embedded with an edible film that smells and tastes like an advertiser's flavored product. First Flavor's edible films are enclosed in tamper-evident pouches to ensure consumer safety.

What it is: Press Doctor CD

What it does: Update to coldset printing troubleshooting guide, containing more than 1,100 pages of information.

WIFAG | retrofit program


What it is: Retrofit program

What it does: A service maintenance program aimed at replacing obsolete electronic and component parts on WIFAG 370 and 470 presses.

WPE Berlin

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