Atex and BLOOM Digital Platforms today announced an exclusive partnership to offer BLOOM's AdGear ad serving, targeting and online inventory management technology as part of the Atex Digital product suite. AdGear is a next-generation ad server for media publishers, advertisers and agencies. The AdGear platform provides publishers with new ways to engage consumers through online and mobile advertising channels. AdGear increases the performance of digital media by more effectively connecting brands with target audiences.

Integrated with the Atex Advertising and Web Content Management system, AdGear enables Atex to deliver the industry's first end-to-end platform for digital ad booking, serving, targeting, analytics and billing. This Atex-AdGear solution allows publishers to lower operating costs and accelerate implementation times. Manual double-entry of advertising information across systems is eliminated, which reduces errors and cuts production expenses. In addition, AdGear minimizes unsold inventory, allowing more ads to be sold and enabling better audience segmentation.

"The Atex Web CMS and Advertising suite is proving itself at media companies around the world as a single-vendor system that drives traffic and increases page views, unique visitors, and time-on-site," said Peter Marsh, Atex Head of Global Product Management and Marketing. "As publishers look to further add value by increasing online advertising revenues, it became apparent to us that the current ad serving technologies do not provide enough flexibility. Ad formats are too rigid. Contextual advertising is limited. And, it is difficult to connect user data and personalization between the ad server and the Web CMS. With AdGear, Atex empowers its customers to generate greater ad revenues per page through hyper-contextual advertising that is highly relevant, personalized and linked to local, trusted editorial content."

The combined Atex and AdGear solution assists media companies in their efforts to increase third-party ad network revenues. The Atex Web CMS shares metadata with AdGear for better yield management and optimization. This improves the redistribution of unsold inventory, providing publishers with the means to effectively leverage their participation in the emerging liquid marketplaces. It also facilitates future Atex and AdGear roadmap initiatives for real-time bidding to sell, acquire and exchange inventory.

AdGear supports all the new and evolving ad formats for online, mobile and e-reader channels, including Apple's new iAds mobile platform. In addition, publishers can reduce their reliance on ads coming from ad networks that typically generate lower CPM rates and often degrade the media company's brand. With Atex and AdGear, media companies can take control over the entire print and digital advertising workflow - from order entry to delivery, billing and receivables, analytics and real-time performance measuring. This leads to a better customer service experience, higher revenues, and a lower total cost of technology ownership.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Atex," said Yves Poiré, President of BLOOM Digital Platforms. "The alliance with Atex represents a significant growth opportunity for BLOOM and aligns with our strategy to expand our global footprint. Our integrated solution is unique to this marketplace, allowing publishers to finally take ownership of the content and user profile data, ultimately increasing the value of their ad inventory."


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About Atex

Atex, headquartered in Reading, UK, is a leading provider of software systems and services to the global media industry. With a 37-year history of continuous innovation and commitment to quality, Atex has the largest advertising, editorial, circulation, and Java web content management software delivery capability in the world. With over $1 billion USD worth of software installed worldwide, Atex supports more than 1,000 customers in 54 countries. Atex regional offices are located around the world, supporting both in-house and hosted managed services solutions. Atex has the largest R&D investment in the industry, and partners with world-leading complementary solutions providers to enhance its system integration and web services development activities.

About BLOOM Digital Platforms

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, BLOOM is a provider of digital advertising technologies for publishers, ad networks and ad agencies. The company's flagship platform, AdGear, allows digital media players to innovate by leveraging data in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. BLOOM is a spin-off of Cossette, Canada's largest advertising agency with offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Russia and China.

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Keegan Skidmore

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Atex is a registered trademark of Atex Group Ltd. All other brands or products referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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