Glunz & Jensen Punch/Bend Division Books New Sales in Malaysia

May 2010

Granger, Indiana - Glunz & Jensen's Punch Bend Division booked three significant orders this week in Asia for punch/bend equipment.

Utusan Meleyu of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) ordered two ProVision Alliance punch/bend lines, which includes ProVision Alliance punch/benders, Universal Transition Modules (UTM) and a 2-position stacker, for their Eastern printing plant at Terengganu, Malaysia and for their Southern plant at Johor Bharu. Each site will produce plates from two CtP lines and feed them to one single high-speed ProVision Alliance producing the bend profiles for their manroland presses.

The Utasan Melayu Group is a multi-media conglomerate, with over ten companies and is engaged in four major business concerns namely publishing, printing, advertising and online services. The Group's two key newspapers, Utusan Malaysia and Mingguan Malaysia, as well as its top four magazines namely Mastika, Mangga, URTV and Wanita, have consistently achieved and maintained the highest circulations and readerships in Malaysia.

The China Press Berhad, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is also expanding their plate production to three lines of CtP. The China Press ordered a ProVision Alliance punch/bender Line with a CM-36 entry conveyor, a 4 plate position stacker and bar code system to separate and collate between the DGM 430 Singlewide plates and Goss Urbanite plates. The ProVision Alliance will punch and bend the two different plate profiles for both the DGM and Goss presses.

China Press is the second-largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Malaysia with a daily circulation of 220,000. It is also one of the few authorized Chinese-language dailies circulating in Singapore.

Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad, Selangor, Malaysia is expanding their plate making lines to three by ordering a third Kodak Generation News© CtP and ProVision Alliance plate making line. Along with the in_line ProVision, Sin Chew will receive a Universal Transition Module with Rotation (UTMR) and a four position stacker to sort their plates via bar code recognition.

Sin Chew Daily is the largest Chinese_language daily newspaper in Malaysia. With a readership of more than 1.18 million Malaysians, Sin Chew Daily is not only the largest-circulating Chinese newspaper in Southeast Asia, but also the largest Chinese daily published outside the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd, Menara Star of Selangor Malaysia approved three new digital Vision System upgrades to retrofit three of their Glunz & Jensen punch/ benders. With these economic times, newspapers like Star Publications are looking for ways to improve their color registration and new punch/benders are not an option. Many consider vision registration upgrade kits from Glunz & Jensen versus taking on the budget justification of new punch/benders; Star Publications are doing just that.

The Star Daily (circulation: 887,000) and Sunday Star (circualation:926.000), Malaysia's most widely-read English-language daily and Sunday newspapers, are published in four editions - two editions which cover the northern peninsular states of Penang, Kedah, Perlis and northern Perak while the other two editions cover the rest of the country.

About Glunz & Jensen

Glunz & Jensen develops, manufactures and markets integrated and innovative solutions for the prepress industry.

Glunz & Jensen's products and solutions cover almost all equipment used in the prepress process in modern printing houses. The largest product area is CtP plate processors, but Glunz & Jensen also focuses on product areas including punch & bend equipment, conveyors and stackers as well as software for monitoring and managing the complete prepress processes. The latest addition is inkjet technologies in form of iCtP platesetters. Glunz & Jensen has achieved a leading position and a high market share within its core areas, and Glunz & Jensen's products are known for setting the technological standard on the global market.

Glunz & Jensen markets its products through an extensive network of distributors and dealers, and a large part of sales also takes place through OEM customers which include Fujifilm, Heidelberg and Kodak. Glunz & Jensen enjoys close partnerships with several of its OEM customers - partnerships which also include developing new and innovative solutions for the prepress industry.

At the end of 2009, Glunz & Jensen had 230 employees. Of these, 90 were employed in Denmark, while the remaining employees worked at subsidiaries in Slovakia and the USA.


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