Upgraded workflow built around the new large format manroland

press was the key to company's growth during recession.

"Two years ago, we made a strategic decision to update our 30 year old

press. manroland was selected because the ROLAND 900 is a mature

platform with proven support. Along with the press, we decided to

upgrade our prepress and bring it in-house. Those decisions were critical

to our growth during the recession." said Ken Petty General Manager.

"We were able to drive costs down and improve our response times to

customers as the market turned very competitive."

Indiana Carton specializes in cartons for baked goods in restaurants and

supermarkets for various products such as bagels, donuts, pies, pastries,

and cookies. With the press able to accurately repeat color reproduction

from run to run, the company saves time and working capital by running

jobs in smaller "just-in-time" quantities. The fast makeready, even on a

large format press, saves on set-up costs as well. Indiana Cartion's inhouse design staff provides clients with creative ideas for new packages

and ensures a smooth transition to the manufacturing operation.

Ken Petty credits manroland's training program with getting the staff at

Indiana Carton up to speed quickly and keeping a consistent high level of

performance. The training program started with PowerPrinter training at

the manroland Print Technology Center in Westmont, IL. Once the press

was installed, a manroland trainer worked with the operators and

maintenance personnel onsite at Indiana Carton. Advanced and follow

up training sessions were completed this spring. "The trainer was patient

and professional with both our experienced operators and new

operators.", Petty explained. "We made a 30 year jump in technology,

and the operators needed to learn the advanced automation on the press

along with some new printing techniques. The operators now have a high degree of confidence in CIP3 data and the self-learning function in

manroland's PressManager system for color control."

Training also included the proper maintenance and troubleshooting. The

company purchased manroland's Telepresence option which allows

remote diagnostics and analysis of the performance of the press. "There

have only been a few problems, but each time we've engaged

Telepresence the in-house maintenance staff has been able to get the

press up and running quickly ,without waiting for a technician to be

onsite," said Matt Braun, manroland's Director of National Service.

The company has also added a Sentinel ink distribution system and a

Flo-Clear fountain solution filter to the press. They used the manroland

Thermal Analysis program to search for potential problem hot spots on

the press and to monitor life cycle of the pump systems. Staying to a well developed plan Indiana Carton selected printcom , to protect the moving press parts from excessive wear, with premium guaranteed printcom oils and lubricants.

Petty summarized by saying, "We made a good choice investing with

manroland as a business partner."


manroland Inc., a division of manroland AG, is the world's second largest

printing systems manufacturer and the world's market leader in web

offset. manroland employs almost 8,700 people and has annual sales of

some Euro 1.7 billion with an export share of almost 80%. Web and

sheetfed offset presses provide solutions for publishing, commercial and

packaging printing. For more information visit the web site at



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