Wave2 Media Solutions, Whitchurch, United Kingdom, has announced details of an order from Mladá fronta, Czech Republic, for its EasyBuild and AdPortal software solutions for ad creation.

Wave2 will install its powerful Publishing Platform for automated advert building to support the AdPortal and EasyBuild implementations. AdPortal will be used by advertisers as a "self-service" platform to book, build and manage their own advertisements and campaigns. The system also includes Wave2's EasyBuild application to streamline the internal process of creating display Ads and minimise production costs. The cross media solution is capable of building adverts for both print and online delivery.

Mladá fronta is one of the Czech Republic's leading publishing houses. It publishes books, magazines, newspapers and websites throughout the Czech Republic and also active in Slovakia and Romania. In 2009 the company launched a new series of regional titles throughout the Czech Republic under the "Sedmi_ka" (Seven) title.

Full integration with Mladá fronta's existing Microsoft Dynamics based Navision ERP system means that AdPortal will provide a seamless order taking and management facility which will be used by both advertisers and Mladá fronta's own sales staff. The system will support the highly successful new "Sedmi_ka" (Seven) newspaper title which was launched across the Czech Republic during the summer of 2009, and is now produced in 27 regional variations.

Chris Hodges, Managing Director at Wave2 Media Solutions, said: "We had been working closely with Mladá fronta for some twelve months and it was very satisfying to witness such a successful launch of a new newspaper group in these difficult times. Mladá fronta are a forward thinking organisation and their decision to adopt a completely automated and self-service model for advertising is an indication of this. We believe that the future of newspaper and magazine advertising is to embrace a cross media environment. By enabling advertisers to easily build and deliver advertisements for publication in both print and online formats Mladá fronta can offer a wide ranging service at minimal cost. Sales staff can also become far more effective by engaging better with advertisers, closing sales in a much shorter timescale and improving customer loyalty."

Commenting on behalf of Mladá fronta, Mark Whittaker, Divisional Director - Regions, said: "In April 2009 we started the year's largest regional newspaper launch in Europe: from nothing to 700,000 copies and 1.2 million readers. Our advertising growth has been exceptional and I am very pleased that this will be further accelerated in the most efficient way possible through the application of Wave2's market leading technology."

About Wave2

Wave2 Media Solutions was formed in early 2004 specifically to develop a range of solutions for the automated generation of documents. With an impressive installed base around the world, Wave2's mission is to provide tools that will enable publishers and content providers to both save costs and to generate new revenue. Wave2's i-Publish range includes solutions for Self Service Advertising, Production Automation, Sales Visuals Creation, Automatic Page Assembly and Personalised Publishing.

About Mladá fronta as

Publishing House Mladá fronta was founded in 1945 and is currently one of the largest and most successful publishing houses in the Czech Republic. The company publishes books, magazines, newspapers and websites throughout the Czech Republic and also active in Slovakia and Romania.

Further Information

For further information on Wave2 and its products please e-mail info@wav2.com or visit the www.wav2.com web site.

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