MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Advertising Program has proven to be a valuable resource for print publications looking to generate additional revenue.

LaGrange Daily News of LaGrange, GA, in conjunction with other newspapers in the Heartland Publications Group, has generated over 3,000 responses to print and web ads run as part of MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program, translating into more than $50,000 of additional revenue in just over a year. The print ads placed in their publications are from national, direct-response advertisers whose products range from home security to health products.

Lynn McLamb, publisher of LaGrange Daily News, says MediaBids' print advertising program has, "been a great program for LaGrange Daily News and Heartland Publications. The pay-per inquiry program has allowed us to offer our readership new avenues to purchase items and services from non-traditional newspaper advertisers while adding top-line revenues with no additional expenses incurred by our properties."

MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising program is a performance-based advertising program in which participating publications get paid for print ads they run when their readers respond to the ad. It is the first program of its kind that is able to definitively measure response to print ads on a large scale. Using tracking tools inserted into each print ad - including unique phone numbers, 2D barcodes and unique landing pages - MediaBids has tracked responses to tens of thousands of print ads across the US.

LaGrange Daily News and the Heartland Publications Group continue to be very effective print advertising vehicles for MediaBids' clients.

For more information about the MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program, visit or call 1-800-989-0406.

About MediaBids, the Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace, offers a unique suite of online tools to help publications and advertisers buy and sell print advertising. From advertising auctions to per-inquiry advertising, MediaBids helps advertisers save time and money and publications sell more ads.

For more information about MediaBids' visit: or call 1-800-989-0406

About LaGrange Daily News

The LaGrange Daily News has a circulation of 10,280 and is published Sunday through Friday. The LaGrange Shopper is published weekly and is mailed to 19,300 homes on Wednesdays. When used in combination with the LaGrange Daily News, it offers a total market coverage of 30,297 homes. For more information visit



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