Wave2 have today announced the planned release of a major new version of the widely used Wave2 Publishing Platform. In particular, this new version 5 release will provide full support for automatically building video formats alongside the currently supported print and online media types. In addition, the Wave2 AdPortal and other iPublish products are enhanced to support these new functions.

Available from the end of April this year, version 5 will introduce a number of other important new features. Support for the new Portal2 architecture as defined by the Java standard JSR-268 is included. This enables systems integrators and other third parties to seamlessly integrate the Wave2 products into their own web-based solutions. In addition, the Wave2 rules engine has been enhanced to provide even more sophisticated control over the layout of ads and pages.

The new video support allows any non-skilled user to easily construct a video ad, presentation, or story, using the same simple user interface that they currently employ to create a print or online document.

Chris Hodges, Founder of Wave2 Media Solutions comments: "We consider that the Wave2 applications and solutions are the most sophisticated and powerful in their field. We maintain this lead by listening to our customers and anticipating what they will need in the future. Support for online video is key to the future of self service advertising. Only two years ago, static jpeg and simple animated gif formats were popular for online advertising.

In the space of one year Flash animations and interactive ads became the standard requirement. In the same way, online video ads and viral advertising using this format are going to be highly in demand".

Many Wave2 customers are now looking to fully integrate their various web-based solutions through Portal technology. Being built upon a Java foundation, the Wave2 solutions have always been capable of integrating within a JSR-268 Portal architecture. With the introduction of the new Portal2 support, Wave2 is able to introduce a standard set of portlets with which systems integrators can provide their own custom user experiences.

Brian Gorman - VP of Sales at Wave2, said "As the leader in self-service advertising in the North American newspaper market, this development is key to maintaining our leadership position. Our customers, users of iPublish AdPortal, are now asking us to extend its ease of use and flexible ad package support to include other 3rd party self-service ad products and services. We intend to move aggressively to make this available to both existing and future users of AdPortal", he added, "This will enable publishers to combine all of the products AdPortal supports today such as display ads for print and on-line and the forthcoming video ads, along with search, mobile messaging and other ad products not managed by AdPortal. This will greatly simplify a publisher's management of their overall self-service portfolio and provide a powerful tool to their sales organization."

About Wave2

Wave2 Media Solutions was formed in early 2004 specifically to develop a range of solutions for the automated generation of documents. With an impressive installed base around the world, Wave2's mission is to provide tools that will enable publishers and content providers to both save costs and to generate new revenue.

Wave2's i-Publish range includes solutions for Self Service Advertising, Self-Service of Print Inserts and Direct Mail and Mobile Messaging.


In the US:

For further information on Wave2 please contact:

Wave2 Sales and Marketing

Wave2 Media Solutions LLC

114 Turnpike Road

Suite 203

Westborough, MA 01581

Tel 781-366-6383

e-mail: sales@wave2media.com


In the UK:

For further information on Wave2 please contact:

Wave2 Sales and Marketing

The Firs

High Street


England HP22 4JU, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1296 642 880      

e-mail: sales@wav2.com






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