Working with The Orange County Register, Wave2 Media Solutions launched a completely new application on the AdPortal Platform. Called iPublish Mailer it enables a small business advertiser to pick a package of various print insert templates both single and multi page then customize the insert with their copy and images and buy the package. The Orange County Register implemented it as part of the already successful site. iPublish Mailer went live in March and has already resulted in self-service sales of print inserts. The inserts are distributed in the daily newspaper, The Orange County Register and direct mail shopper, the OC Saver. Ad packages are available for both single and two sided flyers. iPublish Mailer is integrated with Orange County's circulation data and a Google Maps application which is used by the advertiser to interactively select their distribution area determining the number of pieces that need printing and the cost of the campaign buy.

Because it runs on AdPortal the user experience is the same for inserts as it is for both print and on-line ads. This should result in greater acceptance of the inserts product. Also the AdPortal admin tool is the same so Orange County Register personnel were able to set-up their insert packages and can add new ones without additional training or support from Wave2. iPublish Mailer will be expanded to handle direct mail as well. By mid-summer OCExpressads will be offering print and on-line display ads, print inserts and direct mail so a small business can purchase a cross media campaign in a single visit to the site.

Keith Gilpin, Vice President of Direct Marketing and Advertising Operations at The Orange County Register comments: "We continue to partner with Wave2 and have been impressed with their ability to enhance the AdPortal platform. Our goals for self-service advertising are to offer as many of our ad products as possible and the Wave2 partnership has been key to reaching those goals. iPublish Mailer is another example of the flexibility of the AdPortal platform and Wave2's ability of implementing the application so that it met our business goals."

Many Wave2 customers are now looking to expand their AdPortal implementations beyond just Small Business Retail and Obituaries. Wave2 has an ambitious product development plan for 2010. Along with iPublish Mailer, Wave2 is adding iPublish Classified, two reverse publishing applications, iPublish for Real Estate and iPublish for Autos, as well as recruitment and legal notices that will be offered as applications on the AdPortal platform.

Brian Gorman - Vice President of Sales and a founding partner at Wave2, said "The Orange County Register along with our other customers has been the key to our success. The idea of implementing AdPortal to produce print inserts we believed was a very good one and was right in line with our proven success in the small business market for display advertising. We are now discussing ways with other customers to extend this functionality to funeral homes and real estate offices to complement our AdPortal applications of Obituaries and Real Estate." Gorman further stated, "To really be considered a portal we believe offering a wide selection of applications in different verticals and supporting various types of ad products is an absolute requirement. That's what drives us at Wave2 and we're proud to have partnered with The OC Register in going live with iPublish Mailer."

About Wave2

Wave2 Media Solutions was formed in early 2004 specifically to develop a range of solutions for the automated generation of documents. With an impressive installed base around the world, Wave2's mission is to provide tools that will enable publishers and content providers to both save costs and to generate new revenue.

Wave2's i-Publish range includes solutions for Self Service Advertising, Self-Service of Print Inserts and Direct Mail and Mobile Messaging.


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