On the back of Wave2's successful entry into self-service obituaries it is releasing today iPublish Classified. Based on the AdPortal Platform it is the first classified front end that supports both self-service and telesales for print and on-line ad products. Wave2 is reporting a substantial pipeline of both signed contracts and prospective sales for this new offering. It is currently working with several of its existing customers on implementation and expects the first system to be live and in production before the end of June this year.

iPublish Classified will offer all of the standard features found in existing web order entry systems that typically offer only liner ads for print or on-line ads. iPublish Classified has two key features not available from any other classified front end. First, it is fully integrated with the Wave2 Publishing Platform so can take advantage full advantage of the W2PP's patent pending publishing technology. The W2PP utilizes the full capabilities of Adobe InDesign Server and the Wave2 Rich Media Server. This enables a publisher to offer their full complement of classified ad products to both contract and private party advertisers and won't be limited due to their advertising front end. Ad products like print display ads of any size and design, on-line advertising of liners and Flash display ads are possible as well as video and mobile messaging.

The second key feature of iPublish Classified is its web based admin tool. This tool is the same flexible and powerful tool used for other AdPortal applications. It will enable a publisher to build cross media ad packages using any combination of ad products supported by the W2PP. Further by offering unique and creative combinations of ad products it will empower a publisher to differentiate themselves from free classified listing services and take back a business they used to count on.

Brian Gorman - Vice President of Sales and a founding partner at Wave2, said "In the UK where Wave2 began, most of our customers use us for classified advertising. When we opened our office here in the US in late 2006 we decided to focus on retail display advertising and quickly established ourselves as the leader in self-service for the retail vertical. As we've expanded AdPortal's functionally to handle dynamic rating, contract users and integration with various advertising systems it was apparent that a classified solution was next." Gorman added, "Our product roadmap from the beginning was to develop an enterprise portal platform so a newspaper would only have to integrate, train personnel, accustom advertisers and support a single platform. We believe these will greatly lower the total cost of ownership for the publisher and enable them to create and sell ad package combinations that will drive new ad revenue empowering their advertising future."

About Wave2 

Wave2 Media Solutions was formed in early 2004 specifically to develop a range of solutions for the automated generation of documents. With an impressive installed base around the world, Wave2's mission is to provide tools that will enable publishers and content providers to both save costs and to generate new revenue.

Wave2's i-Publish range includes solutions for Self Service Advertising, Self-Service of Print Inserts and Direct Mail and Mobile Messaging.


In the US:

For further information on Wave2 please contact:

Wave2 Sales and Marketing

Wave2 Media Solutions LLC

114 Turnpike Road

Suite 203

Westborough, MA 01581

Tel 781-366-6383

e-mail: sales@wave2media.com


In the UK:

For further information on Wave2 please contact:

Wave2 Sales and Marketing

The Firs

High Street


England HP22 4JU, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1296 642 880      

e-mail: sales@wav2.com



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