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Yesterday, Jan 9, 2018, Kodak's market cap jumped from around $120 million to $289 million and as these notes are being penned its market cap is north of $500 million.  What a difference an announcement makes...On Tuesday Kodak announced an initiative for "a photocentric cryptocurrency to em… Read more

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merger transaction this week, continuing the long-term consolidation in the industry that had already seen the brands of Harris, Marinoni, Cottrell, Faber & Schleicher, Plamag, Baker Perkins, Sheridan, Hoe, Walter Scott, Miehle, Dexter and Hantscho merge into these remaining two competit… Read more

Tariff Details


International Trade Commission scraps newsprint tariffs

The US International Trade Commission voted Wednesday to terminate tariffs imposed on newsprint imported from Canada, a decision that was celebrated by the American newspaper industry.

In what amounts to a blow to the Department of Commerce, which upheld the tariffs earlier this month, the International Trade Commission found that the imports of Canadian paper do not hurt American producers. The commission's vote was unanimous.

The tariffs proved onerous for US newspapers alrea...